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The Jordanian Women's Union (JWU)


A General Background

The Jordanian Women's Union (JWU) was established in 1945. After the emergency law in 1957 dissolved all civil society organizations and political parties, the JWU was forced to stop its activities for some years.  However, despite all pressures exerted on the union and its members, it was able to stand up to the challenges facing it and to pursue its aims with determination.  The Union was reestablished under the name of "The Women's Union in Jordan"(WUJ in the year 1974).

 Again, in 1981, the Minister of Interior gave instructions to dissolve the Union.  However, during its active period (1974-1981), the presence of the WUJ was very important because it was the only body that represents Jordanian women in Jordan.    

 The management committee of the Women's Union in Jordan appealed against the Minister's decision which the court agreed was illegal.  The WUJ continued its activities in spite of continuous pressures from the government, but was finally forced to discontinue for some time because of intimidation of its members by the security forces.

  It was not until the restoration of the parliamentarian life in Jordan in May 1990 that the Union was able to reactivate and to regain momentum. The Union's name was changed to the Jordanian Women's Union in Jordan (JWU) and new democratic bylaws were passed and approved.